Is your horse dying to be turned out?

There is a seasonal spike in colic caused by the significant change in diet from a mainly hay/haylage diet to grass. Help your horse by making the change slowly – ideally over at least a week or so, gradually increasing the time spent at grass.

If you are working or have other commitments and can’t just pop back to bring them in, start the process in the evenings working the length of time up so you can get close to your target at the weekend when you have more time. They will at least get a few days for their gut microbiom to change in the journey to full turnout.

You can also help by feeding a pre-probiotic like Protexin shown on the right/below, just before and during the transition to help your horse maintain its hindgut bacteria. If you have a horse with a sensitive hindgut or at risk from Laminitis then using KER Equisure in addition to a pre-probiotic during the turnout process helps to maintain the hindgut pH at normal levels, reducing the risk of hindgut acidosis and the associated problems.

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